Introducing the Arc Collaborative

The Arc Collaborative is a fellowship program designed to give talented consultants of color what they need to build thriving businesses. So that they can play a leading role in transforming our education system.

Our why

We need better schools now.

Public education has innovated at a glacial pace, and it is time we got serious about changing that. But schools, districts, and nonprofits can't do it alone. They need the unique talents and skills of partners and trusted advisors–individuals and firms who understand communities' needs and bring the technical, strategic, and creative insight needed to reimagine what's possible for students.

However, success for consultants of color is rarely based on merit alone. Building a thriving business that can eventually scale requires robust networks, funding, and a set of foundational business acumen. We believe consultants of color often lack access to these critical components. We are building an initiative that begins to address this. 

Although leadership and business programs exist to help, they can be cookie-cutter and generic. The Arc Collaborative strives to eliminate this problem. We fill the gap by providing the individualized support each consultant needs when they need it.

Our who

This program is for:

This program is designed to support consultants at every stage–whether they are just starting out or have been in the business for years. This first cohort will be made up of 10-15 “equity-focused” providers of color, meaning:


those who help organizations become more diverse, inclusive, and equitable, and/or


those who bring an equity focus to their work in areas like curriculum and instruction, SEL, and data and evaluation, and/or


support critical strategic or business functions in BIPOC-led organizations.

Our how

A fellowship program that gives equity-focused consultants of color the support they need.

Participants in the program will work alongside peers as they learn and refine their business skills and design their unique paths to business and personal sustainability. Programming will include:

Monthly speaker series featuring high level education and business leaders
Live workshops to tackle your business challenges 
Individual and specialized executive coaching
Asynchronous, personalized curriculum to cater to individual needs 
Extensive resource library 
Optional hands-on consultancies and office hours for additional support
Wellness support to encourage personal sustainability

The Details


The application is now closed.

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The program will take place virtually, and is open to anyone in the United States who wants to participate.

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